SMIZZ VAPOR is committed to providing exceptional products. We offer a 30 Day Exchange Program for our SMIZZ VAPOR products.


If your SMIZZ VAPOR product stops working for any acceptable reason, contact SMIZZ VAPOR for a brand new replacement.


Keep in mind that you will have to return your broken SMIZZ VAPOR product and all of its accessories to SMIZZ VAPOR to have it replaced. If you lose it, we cannot replace it free of charge.


Please contact SMIZZ VAPOR by filling the form below and submit to arrange a Return Authorization.  If the item you are trying to return or exchange is no longer being manufactured, or if the product is out-of-stock or is no longer available for retail sale, SMIZZ VAPOR reserves the right to replace the product with another product similar in functionality to the product under the 30 day warranty.


SMIZZ VAPOR ask that you return the products to us at your expense or shipping account. Our return address will be provided to you upon supplying a Return Authorization. You must take reasonable care to ensure that the goods are returned to SMIZZ VAPOR undamaged in the original packaging.


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